ATO Disputes

We have significant experience assisting taxpayers and their advisers with all aspects of ATO reviews. A wide range of matters fall within this category, including:

  • an ATO review – from an ATO request for documentation, up to a full blow ATO audit;
  • a taxpayer making a voluntary disclosure;
  • a taxpayer identifying an error and requesting an amendment;
  • objecting to an ATO assessment or decision;
  • administrative matters such as requests for extensions of time or requesting the Commissioner’s discretion;
  • applications to the Administrative Appears Tribunal;
  • applying for a private ruling;
  • tax administration matters; and
  • assisting with the management and correspondence of ATO reviews or audits.

We can assist taxpayers and/or their advisers on all aspects relating to ATO disputes, whether it involves a discussion or consultation on how to approach the matter or more detailed involvement, such as engaging us to act as the lead liaison with the ATO.

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