Webb Martin Consulting can assist in a wide variety of ways depending on your needs. Whilst our services mainly focuses on the Australian tax implications, we can also draw from our international membership with PrimeGlobal for tax implications in foreign jurisdictions.

Verbal Advice

From a short phone call clarifying the tax treatment of a straightforward question, through to more detailed discussions and/or meetings to explain how taxes apply to your specific facts.

Written Advice

We tailor our written advice to your needs. This can range from a brief email response, summarising our verbal advice or confirming a legislative reference, reviewing your advice, or detailed documents such as research analysis and letters of advice.

Private Rulings

From advice on whether to apply for a private ruling, to reviewing a draft application you have prepared or preparing the full private ruling application. We also assist with liaison with the ATO and implementation of the ruling decision.

Objections and Appeals

We can assist you in relation to objections and appeals including reviewing or preparing responses to the ATO, as well as managing the process on your (or your client’s) behalf.

Prudential Reviews

We can undertake prudential reviews across various different taxes, to identify tax risks or procedures, and tailored to your specific objectives.


We can assist you with your negotiations by providing input on the various tax aspects of proposed commercial arrangements or transactions

Tax Planning

We can review your current structure and comment on potential tax implications of structure changes. We can assist with tax aspects of new structures or arrangements.

Tax Administration

We can help on tax administrative matters including assisting with tax audits, replying to ATO requests for information, GIC or SIC remission requests, etc.

International Tax

We can liaise with, co-ordinate and/or refer you to member firms in foreign jurisdictions. As a member of PrimeGlobal we can access approximately 300 independent public accounting firms from over 80 countries.

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