Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

There are a wide range of areas within the capital gains tax (CGT) regimes where we can provide advice, including sales or restructures of businesses, property sale/development activities, main residence matters and the impacts for deceased estates.

We regularly help our client untangle the CGT complexities in the following areas:

Small business CGT concessions

Whether buying or selling a business, or the sale of an asset owned by a related entity, the small business CGT concessions have only become more complex over the years. We can analyse the situation and give clear guidance on you or your client’s outcomes regardless of whether it is a sale to a third party or an intra-family restructure.

Mergers, acquisitions and restructures

Bringing multiple businesses together any you want to ensure that there are no unforeseen tax costs? We can assist in determining how to achieve your aims without creating any unnecessary taxing points.

Deceased estates

Estates where there are CGT assets passing to beneficiaries or to testamentary trusts can cause significant tax headaches. We are experienced in assisting with identifying real and possible issues and finding ways to resolve them.

We can also review wills to advise on the likely tax outcomes of predicted situations.


Changes of tax residency can trigger CGT liabilities, and we are able to identify these risks and making informed decisions as to any available elections.


We also regularly advise on the CGT main residence exemption and the impacts where there are CGT transactions occurring between related parties or not at arm’s length terms.

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