International Tax

We can assist on a range of international tax matters. With technological advances, smaller businesses are becoming exposed to an increasing amount of international tax matters.

Some of the more common matters we assist clients with are set out below:

Witholding Taxes

These can apply to cross border transactions involving interest, dividends and royalties but also potentially extending to services and management fees (depending on the country). Domestic rules and the application of Double Tax Agreements/Treaties.


Applying the rules and implications for individuals, companies and other entities, again both domestic rules and the application of Double Tax Agreements/Treaties.

Transfer Pricing

We can assist in all aspects including advising on or reviewing International Dealing Schedules (IDS), transfer pricing documentation, whether simplified methods can be applied, etc.

Thin Capitalisation

We can assist with determining if exemptions apply, and if not then implications and calculations.


We regularly assist clients reviewing their existing and proposed structures from an Australian and international tax perspective balancing commercial objectives to managing the tax imposts locally and in overseas jurisdictions.


As a member of PrimeGlobal – An Association of Independent Accounting Firms, for all international tax matters we can access information and or refer you to over 300 firms in more than 80 countries.

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